How to trigger runbook execution using netbrains api

  • 19 August 2022
  • 1 reply

I am new to netbrains

I am looking for reference solutions for following use cases.

  1. Execute CLI commands using netbrains API
  2. Execute run book using netbrains  API
  3. Create map and export map using netbrains  API

I tried by following documentation but could not succeed.

for use case “Execute run book using netbrains  API” followed instructions from link Adding API-Triggered Tasks in NetBrain ( but after creating stub and testing seeing an error


1 reply

Hi Aravind,

There might be some issue with the test function.

Please use script or tools, such as CURL and POSTMAN to do your test.

You can find the API doc from the GitHub link below with sample codes that helps you to quickly run some tests.


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