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  • 27 September 2021
  • 4 replies


Recently we have developed some Qapps to do different things, like analysing BGP parameters in our routers and firewalls.

We have found a problem when we’ve tried to upload the final CSV to a SFTP server. Netbrain allows me natively to upload the CSV to a SMB server, but I haven’t found the way to do it via SFTP.

The only way to do it is via programmed plugin, but it keeps your SFTP user/pass exposed, which is not desirable.

Has anyone resolved this issue?




4 replies

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Hello Juan, hope you are doing well. It would be possible to add support for SFTP. Depending on what release you are working on right now, SFTP python package would have to be installed to be used. Then you can refer to the picture below where it shows a similar use case to send an email of a Qapp generated CSV file, but instead, “SFTPing” it.


Hope it helps.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your response. I think that I have the package available but the problem here is how to store the user/password for the sftp server, because have them in plain text is not too advisable.

Any clues about how to solve this?



If you run the QApp manually, you can add the username or password as in input on the QApp.  This wouldn’t work for Inventory Report or Scheduled QApp since anyone with enough permissions could go into the report or Schedule settings and see the input settings.


I know it, but this is aim to be a scheduled Qapp. If we could access the Netbrain service user that could be the solution.




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