The historical data of the device and parser does not exist in the database

  • 22 November 2021
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I am new to NetBrain. I am currently learning how to write Parsers and Qapps.


I am running into a problem with my Qapp. I am not getting the desired result when I run my Qapp against any current Baseline (Configuration) or Live Data. I am getting the following messages in the execution log:


1   3:59:15 PM: Start to run Qapp "Cisco_IOS_XE_Switch_Compliance_Check"2   3:59:22 PM: Run Qapp on 0 device group(s), 0 site(s), 0 path(s), xxx device(s)3   3:59:22 PM: Run Qapp on xxx qualified devices4   3:59:22 PM: The Process Id is 243123.5   3:59:23 PM: No data for "NET_DEVICE_1337 + Cisco_IOS_XE_Switch_Compliance_Check". The historical data of the device and parser does not exist in the database.


What am I missing?


Best Regards




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2 replies

Hi David,

Could you please help check the source of the Configuration node in the Qapp? Are you selecting the “Current Baseline” or "User-defined options at run time"?

Please try select "User-defined options at run time" in Qapp,  and select "Pull live data once" when running Qapp to see if it works.

We also send the steps via email, if not work, kindly check your email and share the map/Qapp for us to check if still not works.

Yes, that did it! Thank you for your help!


I was having troubles getting accurate or any results output in the CSV Export File whenever I ran my Qapp.


I was using “Use current Baseline” in both the Qapp and in Runtime. After using “User-defined options at run tine” in the Qapp and using “Pull live data once” in the Runbook, I was able to get the data output accurately!


To recap, these options will work:


In Qapp, use "User-defined options at run time" as Source of Configuration.

In the Runbook, use "Pull live data once" as in the Data Source.

In the Parser, select either  "Current Baseline" or "Live Network".




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