Question with getInterfaceProperty

  • 11 April 2023
  • 2 replies

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I am trying to understand how to use the getInterfaceProperty.  I have a QAPP and wanted to input the description of an interface in one cells. The requirements are below. 



if I wanted to get the Descr  for an interface but the interface is coming from the qapp how would the code go?

$cell = getInterfaceProperty(‘Descr’,$_device,$intf,infs) ?   I get no results and been trying to plug in the information with no change.  Any suggestions?

2 replies

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 Hi ec485n,

I have used the command “show interface description” in that command output interface will be in short name, so I have converted to full name using “CompleteInterfaceName” function and then used “GetInterfaceProperty” to get the description of that interface.


I have also wrote a simple script using the same functions – please use it if needed.

Please reach out if you have any other queries.

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Thank you very much!


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