Qapp using canvas1 to pull the P2P IP and canvas2 to run CLI cmd on P2P IP to parse ping output

  • 21 July 2023
  • 1 reply



I am trying to build a Qapp that runs 2 CLI cmd, one to pull the P2P IPs on the link between 2 nodes in canvas 1 and then second to run the ping on the those P2P IP variables from canvas1.


  1. First parser in canvas1 below is getting all the local p2p IP and then I am using script to create p2p IP for neighboring node. I am able to get all the required variables (ipv4_peer and intf) here with no issues.
    sh ip int bri | e "down|Down" | e unassigned
  2. Second parser below should be using the canvas1 variables to get the ping results but it’s not showing me the intended results.
    ping $ipv4_peer source $intf

My end goal is running a DVT/Qapp on the map to show latency/ping delay on the links between 2 nodes. Not sure if there is an easier method available for this. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

1 reply

Hello Jay, unfortunately, it is not possible to chain canvases together. However, Qapp chaining is possible. To achieve this, please create two separate Qapps for each command and then use Gapp to chain them together. You can refer to the provided example for further guidance.

Creating a Gapp (


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