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  • 12 September 2022
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I need help with a Qapp on how rerieve the current Row Number of cell from a GDT/DDT. How is it possible using python in a custom variable column?


I am creating a Cisco IP BGP Table from CLI Command “Show IP BGP”. Due to poor table output formatting, the Network and Next_Hop items overlap so that two rows are required for a single entry.

As a result, in Qapp DDT or GDT the value for “network” (when too large and containing CIDR notation) is displayed in the “Next_Hop” column instead with not all other fields blank, while creating another row below containing all other columns values but a blank field in the Network Column.

To fix that problem, I want to create a custom variable field that populates the correct Network Address by:

  1. finding current row position of cell
  2. retrieving the value of the Next_Hop field one row above current row position

Any help or pointers are appreciated.


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1 reply


Hi Dave
In table parser we have an option called "Advanced settings" 
in advanced setting we can select "if the field is empty, use the value of the last row"
there select "$network" so it will added the network value in balank field.
also set $netowrk & $next_hop as table keys which will make column as uniqe
Please refer screen shot which I provided below



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