Merge 2 Canvas Tables

  • 30 January 2023
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I would like to merge a table in a Canvas1 with a table from Canvas2 to get the complete Data in one new Table. Could you give me a hint?

1 reply

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Hi eschulz,

Below are the steps to merge Table in Canvas1 with Table in Canvas2

  • Create a table in Canvas1
  • Create a table in Canvas2
  • While adding the third Canvas, select “Table driven” as shown and click on Extend
  • Now, open the Canvas3 , you will see an table already added to Canvas. Please select the table and add the final table from Canvas1 and give new table name appropriately
  • Right click on the white canvas and add a table.After adding the table, select the newly added table and add final table from Canvas2 , give new table name appropriately

    Once two tables are added, use Merge option under “Multi table operator” to merge two tables

  • Once two tables are merged, Click on merge to define keys as shown below, After merging you can export the newly built merged table as CSV output

  At last, Canvas3 will look like

If you want us to build an QAPP for any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to raise an support case, we will be more happy to help you.


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