How to retrieve One-IP List using python script?

  • 27 March 2023
  • 1 reply

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How can I get the One-IP List using python script? I couldn’t find a built-in function for it. I am not trying to use the API method.


My ultimate goal is to retrieve the DeviceObject (DNS/Hostname and IP Address) of EndPoints connected to Access Switch Interfaces. I have the MAC Addresses of connected Endpoints, but there isn’t any built-in function to my knowledge to retrieve the DeviceObject by MAC Adddress.


Using the ARP Table is not really feasible because I would first have to Find the Gateway Router, get the contents of the ARP Table and then do the mapping.


The Interface Report Table from the Qapp inlcudes the fields DNSName and IPAddress, but unfortunately does not output it.


Any help is appreciated!


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