Draw BGP peer or internet ip via DrawDevice or DrawEndSystem Qapp

  • 28 September 2023
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Is it possible to use DrawDevice or DrawEndSystem Netbrain API to create an arbitrary ip address that will represent the internet or ISP BGP peer?

4 replies

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Hi @jpmackz 

we used the cloud object for that. Go to Domain Management - Fine Tune - Network and Topology - Cloud Manager and create a cloud object. In the Dynamic Search Interface you can group all interfaces by BGP AS.

This cloud object can then be used to show L3 connectivity on a map.



Hey Carsten, thanks for your suggestion. I checked that out and saw it. Are you able to incorporate this to the path calculation as well to simulate internet users? Like having this CLoud object advertise default route for example to your PE routers / internet gateway perhaps?

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Yes you are. This cloud object has a list of all interfaces with the BGP AS number configured on it. When calculating a path, the router will connect directly to the cloud object with one interface and to the other interface/router on the other side. It will not show you the path inside the BGP cloud like Cisco Thousandeyes will do.

I see, i used MPLS cloud to deal with the MPLS links but for ISP cloud, looks like need netbrain engineer to define the Cloud type. Anyway thanks for the lead /information to point to the correct direction! Learned a lot!


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