Difference between Device Data Table and Global Data Table in Qapp?

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As there are two different types of Table shown under Qapp i.e DDT and GDT. What is the difference in between both of them?

What is the significance of DDT and GDT?


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Device Data Table (DDT) is exported from parsed variables in a Device or Command node. It only stores data for devices in the current loop and can only be referenced inside the Canvas node.

Global Data Table (GDT) is converted from a Device Data Table by the Convert Operator. It stores the data for all devices in the Device Queue. The variables in a GDT can be referenced by all Canvas nodes within a Qapp.


How to get GDT table?

In Qapp to get GDT, user firstly need to convert DDT into it by using following operation:-

  1. Click on “+” icon on any DDT
  2. New Pop-up window will appear. Select “Single Table Operation”
  3. Click on “Convert” option here.

Doing this will convert DDT into GDT.

Furthermore, from GDT table, users can generate output reports in the CSV format

There are some pre-existing DDT there in the Qapp also, for example:-

  • System Data Table
  • Device/Interface Report

Follow-on question, or rather a problem I am experiencing:


How can I get the data (table vars or attributes) output in the csvexport file when I run the Qapp? So far I have only been able to output custom variables that I have defined in the GDT (table after conversion) along with the _device field.


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I figured it out. This is how I get it to work:


Use "User-defined options at run time" in the Qapp and Data Source "Pull live data once" in the Runbook. The Data Type in the Parser Configuration File can be set to "Current Baseline" or "Live Network".


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