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  • 4 November 2021
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I would like to know if it is possible to record and compare the differences in route tables over time for any router on our WAN. We use BGP so not sure if that makes any differnce as it should be just a show command and output of text from the CLI.


I want to have a way to look back to see what changed on the device config (if at all) and the state of the live RIB vs the last saved/benchmarked RIB.


If any of this is even possible could it be done as part of a scheduled task and some sort of alert to notify that something has changed?


Thanks in advance.

5 replies

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Hi @Al78  Thanks for your post.

To compare the Configuration and Route table, could you try the Change Analysis feature, please refer to Unfortunately, It does not support alert.


As for the CLI commands, may add the commands to the System Benchmark and compare them manually.  See below:



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Hi @Al78  Did the above solution work for you?  Anything we can help with?


I went to the


Now I am trying it out to see what that looks like.


I am going to try and automate the manual process you mentioned as well.

I have just checked the “change analysis report” and found something strange. It says there were changes to a switch config:


interface VLAN 100----->interface unrouted VLAN 100


I assume this is saying that the interfaces originally had layer 3 connecttivyt/IP-SVI but does not have it anymore.


I logged into the switches to double check and this was not the case. Do you know what could cause this reporitng error?

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@Al78  It compares the two configurations retrieved at a different time. If the original configurations are truly different in the interface configuration:  interface VLAN 100 & interface unrouted VLAN 100, it will show the changes.  Could you check the original configuration files. 





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