Feedback Requested: New Network Intent Videos for NBU

  • 30 January 2024
  • 3 replies

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Hi All! I’m in the process of creating a new and improved set of Deep-Dive Videos on the subject of Network Intents. I will post links to (unlisted) YouTube copies as they become available.

I would love to hear what you think of these videos, especially if I forgot something or got something wrong!

3 replies

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how cool is that?


Hi Matt,

Three thoughts to consider regarding the first video for NI Overview.

  1. What version of NetBrain is required to use the new functionality? Worth mentioning since this is an introductory video, and product version is ‘new’.
  2. When discussing the 3-intent types, ‘Bold’ each type on that slide.
  3. Consider an improved mic setup such as the Shure SM7dB. You make enough videos that this is easily justified, given your role. Sweetwater or B&H are good sources besides Amazon.

  • Shure SM7dB - Dynamic Vocal Mic w/ built in pre-amp
  • Shure MVX2U - Digital Audio interface (Converts XLR Mic Cable into USB-C so you don’t require a separate box to interface
  • Gator Boom Arm
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Hi @Dug1609! Thank you for your feedback. :)

For audio, I currently use a basic Blue Yeti with a simple pop filter, and then apply noise reduction via Audacity. Would the change in mic improve anything over that setup? I’m recording at home, where I do not have any sound reduction panels or whatever set up. I’m pretty sure that throwing some audio foam on the wall of my apartment’s living room wouldn’t help much, so I haven’t bothered. Still, any advice is greatly appreciated. I’m not an audio person. :P


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