Path Calculation API advanced options object

  • 8 January 2024
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On NetBrain-REST-API-R11/REST APIs Documentation/Path Management/Calculate Path at main · NetBrainAPI/NetBrain-REST-API-R11 · GitHub, there is a section on the Request body(*required) table indicating advanced options as an object. How do we instantiate this advanced object and use its methods?

advanced object advance setting.
advanced.debugMode bool The debug mode of trigger API.
advanced.calcWhenDeniedByACL bool Whether to keep calculate when the process been denied by ACL.
advanced.calcWhenDeniedByPolicy bool Whether to keep calculate when the process been denied by policy.
advanced.calcL3ActivePath bool Whether to calculate L3 active path.
advanced.useCommandsWithArguments bool Whether to use the commands with arguments inside.
advanced.enablePathFixup bool Whether to enable the path fixup feature.


Also, how do we save on the front gui any path calculations we have created using the API? TIA

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