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  • 12 August 2022
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Hi Guys,


Is there a built in Qapp/Runbook for temperature checks on devices. A few days back power went out partially in one of our mdf closets. We didnt realize the temperatures went over the threshold until one of our engineers went inside the room. We are now having discussions as to why our SNMP/DNAC tools never alerted us, and I think this would be a great idea for creating a runbook so we have constant checks on our devices.

Trying to see if there is anything built in runbooks to start my work off, does anyone have an idea or has done something similar.


I know creating a parser would be the best way to start, but I dont know if there is a simpler way of addressing my temperature issue.





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               you can build automation in two ways for this use case.

  1. Data View Template.
  2. Network intent Cluster with Preventive Automation frame work.


Data View Template:

  • you need to create Parser to fetch the temperature variable from the device.


  • you Can create DVT to show temperature and highlight device on map when temperature exceeds threshold value.               
  • We can add the list of devices to a map and run this DVT which will show the temperature of the device and highlight the device if the temperature exceeds threshold value.


Network intent Cluster with Preventive Automation framework.


  • you need to create new Network Intent to fetch the device temperature and diagnose whether the temperature is in normal range.




  • As the NI is Device specific, we need to create NIC to replicate the diagnose logic across the device list on which we intend to perform temperature check diagnosis.
  1. Input Devices: Device list on which we intend to perform temperature diagnosis.
  2. Seed NI: We need to add the NI which we created for Temperature Check.
  3. Seed Logics: Device Level Logic.
  4. Device Classifiers - Cisco Router (for this example)
  5. Group Eigen Value – Hostname
  6. Target Seed – Ture
  7. Member NI – We will be able to create member NIs and replicate the temperature check diagnose logic from Seed NI to all the list of devices. [see below snip]


  • you need to create Flash Probe which will monitor the device temperature. You can also enable “Send Email” option to get notifications when Flash Probe has alerts. Also, we can apply this Flash Probe to the list of devices on which we intend to perform temperature check diagnosis.
  • You can also configure Probe triggered NIC as mentioned below snip.



Hope this answered your question. Please raise a support case for any further assistance.

Thank you.!


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