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  • 25 April 2022
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could anybody share an experience how to overcome the limitations of site NetBrain site maps?

Having a single L3 and L2 map available only, e.g.?

Let’s say I’d like to create another L3  or L2 page focusing on DMZ only, showing more details (or other subnets/links) than the default L3 page used for the whole site?

I know I can duplicate the default L3 or L2 page.

But the duplicated page will not get the devices updated automatically.

On the other hand: I was thinking about using the duplicated page as a “snapshot” of the default L3 or L2 page. But no matter of page settings I use, the links are always updated by daily benchmarks on the duplicated pages. So the only way to keep the links not updated is to save the map as a file to my private folder?

Any ideas?








2 replies

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Hi @mil.kul 

In the benchmarks you can select/deselect sites to be updated or not (Additional Operations after Benchmark - System operations - Recalculate Site). Under Update Maps on the same page you can tick/untick Update Site Maps and then select your maps or do the same for Update Public Maps.

My site maps have L2 and L3 connections on different map pages which are updated automatically.

If you scroll down in Map Page Settings, you will find the settings "Always auto link all devices" which can be activated or deactivated.




Hi Carsten,

yes, I know these options. 

I need my site maps updated by the benchmark.

What I noticed though is:

I duplicated my L3 page to save a snapshot of it.

Even when I deactivated the "Always auto link all devices" option on my snapshot page, I realized the links were updated after the benchmark was ran.

I’m just testing if the same behavior happens in 10.1 recently installed on my lab server.







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