Path Calculations Layer 3

  • 28 May 2022
  • 1 reply

When I calculate paths, the system creates duplicates of defined devices causing branches in the diagrams despite ultimately finding the correct path.  My example is to calculate a path from the FrontServer to an switch at another facility.  The system duplicates the first hop as both the defined gateway device and also an End System (not defined).  The path for the end system ultimately fails, and the defined gateway device path works.  I will also share that a Trace works correctly.

Does anyone know how to prevent the undefined End System from being created?

1 reply

Hey Andy, 

Do you mean when calculating a path, you can see 2 gateway devices as the first hop? One is the expected device, and the other one is an End System which is not expected?

How about checking the gateway IP under One-IP Table, and remove the entry of the End System which you don’t want to see?

After that see how it goes with the path calculation.


Or maybe manually selecting the gateway device + interface could help?


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