NetBrain as config management tool.

  • 19 November 2021
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As a strategical decision can we use NetBrain as a Config management tool for devices it manages, config versioning and all.

Configuration drift can be detected by end user ?

3 replies

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Hi @keetarp2,

NB collects all devices’ configuration files and much more with each benchmark. The last config will be kept in Current Baseline, all others as historical data which can all be accessed. All configurations can be compared, e.g. current configuration with one from last week. Actually you can compare anything with everything, you can even compare the current configuration of one device with the year old ARP table of another device.
The comparisons could even be automated using runbooks.

@Gerry.zhang: please correct me if I am wrong. 

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Thanks @Carsten.Schmidt .

@keetarp2 Please kindly note that netbrain would clean up some old data automatically, you may need to adjust the Global Data Clean Settings to meet your request. Please refer to this page:


I would also like introduce the Change Analysis feature. Change Analysis enables data comparison between the latest network data and previous network data retrieved by NetBrain scheduled task. See details via this link:


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Thanks for the Answers Gerry and Carsten.


An user can double click any device on map and select any command which they wish to compare against historical version like shown below. The differences in configurations are highlighted intuitively which help user understand the changes quickly.






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