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  • 24 November 2022
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I am wondering if there is a way to access applications like qapp center without using the menu drop down? I understand there is the “pin the application” to the desktop option but is there another way? I am thinking of a url like what we might see with inventoryreport.  It can be loaded to a new tab but something like Qapp Center seems to only be in the drop down application section or pin. When we were using v8 we didn’t have this problem because the application search was in a different section.  We are using Netbrain V10.1.5.   Any ideas?

2 replies

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Qapp Center can be accessed either from application menu or we can pin it to desktop. we won't be able to access Qapp in different tab/webpage like inventoryreport.


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Thank you. I was thinking the same. It is probably a tweak needing to be done with the new version 10. If we are not using vpn into the environment, then, the search option doesn’t work. What’s interesting is if the application was pinned while using vpn, then, it works without needing to get into the network. I opened a ticket with Netbrain to see what needs to be updated.  Thanks again.


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