Installing mongodb on different drive, put it on SDB instead of SDA?

  • 31 March 2022
  • 2 replies

I’m loading a new pair of servers I wondering if I should move the MongoDB to the a different drive then where the OS is running, I have 127 SDA  and 250 SDB I think with the requirements in the for mongodb I would best install it on SDB drive or should I just delete the SDB and expand SDA?

2 replies

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@mgulbranson  Thanks for your post. I think both ways work.  Here is the suggested system spec, but it for <1000 nodes, so if you have less nodes, 250GB should be fine.



@mgulbranson   It should be easy to just migrate the MongoDB data folder from one hard drive to another which had been mounted correctly. The steps should be 1.create the folders in new drive;2. Stop MongoDB service; 3.copy the data files/folder into the new folder; 4.grant the correct permission(user:group) to all the new data folders and files; 5. change the MongoDB config file to point to the new folder; 6. Start the MongoDB service and double check.


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