How to Transfer Cisco Images to Network Devices Using NetBrain?

  • 7 November 2023
  • 3 replies

We have 100’s of network devices in Managed services Environment, in order to upgrade each switches we need to upload software images to each devices via ftp software and connect to each device and upload.

Current Scenerio:

Login to each Client Windows Server

Install FTP Server Software (Solarwinds)

Access the Network Device using the ftp server software and upload the Image.


How do we can utilize NetBrain Frontserver to transfer the Image to each device via NetBrain Application?

3 replies

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Hi @MKumar 

instead of uploading to the device, why not download to each device from the FTP server? That would be one command to be executed on each device.
Maybe it is a good idea to check the file systems to make sure there is enough space.


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@MKumar  Change Management can copy the image from the FTP server. You can use command <sleep xx> where (xx is time in seconds) if it takes a long time, NetBrain sends 'enter' command when we use <sleep xx> after every 20 seconds to keep the session open.

Thank you, Gerry! Yes, I was thinking about the same. I was looking for a better solution than creating a plugin to copy the Image from the local server to FTP Server and upload the Image from FTP server to Network Devices. The reason why I’m asking for this solution is because we have 20 to 30 Customers, and each one of them has separate Tenant and Front servers, It's kind of a bit hard to log in each front server /FTP server, download the Image, and create change management for each client tenant separately and run.  


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