How to compare CLI command outputs within Netbrain?

  • 12 November 2021
  • 1 reply

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Hello team, 

I would like to compare command output in two different scenarios.

  1. How to compare same command output from two different devices?
  2. and how to compare same command output from single device?

1 reply

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Hi Pradeep,

Firstly you need to open a MAP and add the required device on it.

After this you need to open Runbook and add “Node” known as “Execute CLI command”

There are 2 types of comparison available within NetBrain Runbook

  • Compare Same Device
  • Compare Two Devices

The difference is that in Compare Same device, you will compare the same command output from same device, but at two different time intervals. Like below:-


In Compare Two Devices, you can compare same command output from two different devices. For that you need to add Node called as “Compare”

Then you need to select those two devices and the required CLI command as below


Hope this information is helpful.


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