How do I access the built-in Device/Module/Interface Properties in Qapps

  • 22 March 2022
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How do I access the built-in Device/Module/Interface Properties in Qapps such as:





Instead of writing my own Parser(s), I would like to retrieve these values from the built-in Device Property Attributes.


See page 207-213 for list of Device/Interface/Module Property attributes listed in PDF “How_to_Define_and_Use_Procedures.PDF” at Netbrain’s website:


As you can see below, I have a custom variable Column named mgmt_ip. The intent is to get the device’s management ip. I have tried different variations, including calling a function, but without success.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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2 replies

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To retrieve device properties in a Qapp, you can use built in device tables. Please use below steps to extract device/interface/etc properties for a device.

  • In Qapp editor, open the Device-Driven canvas then select Table option for the device instead of Command option. 
  • Now it will show multiple different types of tables related to the device.

  • Select the table based on the requirement.

  • For an example, below are the contents of Device Report table.


I hope this is going to help. 




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I know this is a bit old but you can do it another way without using a 2nd table. Just like you had originally thought via column property.  Create new column in one of the tables and in the section  You do need to know how the field is actually spelt. You can find it via the Tenent/admin page under 


The property Name field is what you use.   Hope it helps even though the question is a bit old :)




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