Extension of CLI data retrieval timeout for devices

  • 30 March 2022
  • 1 reply

So when I run a show command on a device in my Domain within NetBrain it takes about 30 seconds to retrieve the live data from the device so some critical data about the device are not seen in the output or result. But when I ssh into the device itself and run the same show command, it takes about 120 seconds to complete, thus retrieves the total and accurate data needed. How do I extend the time for data retrieval through CLI on a specific device within my Domain in NetBrain, specifically taking into consideration the Front Server settings? Thanks!

1 reply

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@mosessefah  Thanks for your posts. For the live access, it’s better to track it via a Case.

Most of time, it needs more info/data to debug and will not recommed to change the default options as some options will affect the  performance of the data retrieval tasks.




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