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  • 29 March 2023
  • 2 replies

How can I get a report (or be able to add them all to a device group )

with the devices that meet certain criteria ?


Such as…

A: Device Type Matches any Cisco IOS Switch

B: Config File Contains "snmp-server host"

C: Hostname Contains ^b
Boolean Expression: A and B and C
The Global Search does find them but I cant seem to get them as a group as its >20 devices
or “ Display the most relevant 200 results only due to the limited web page. “
Basically I am trying to get a list of devices on our network that have B:

2 replies

Possible solution

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Hi @gjandrews9824  The device group should not have the 20 device limatations. See my test below:

  1. Create a device group.
  2. Edit the group to open the Device Group Properties window, Export.




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