Does Netbrain provide any way to bulk add devices into the platform ?

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If the customer/user has record of all inventory, Is it possible to add the info to Netbrain during or prior to discovery process.


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Yes, I think this is what you are asking for….

Add your inventory of IP addresses in a list in a txt file.  One per line

In the Discovery Section of NetBrain

To the Right of the text box to enter your IP addresses you will see Import IP List

Select the txt file you just created and it will import them all.  

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I have done almost the same thing as Brett, again on the premise that you have a list of IP addresses to discover.

I created a discovery with these settings
- Run once
- Set Discovery Seed to "Scan the following IPs"

Then I used a python script and the NB API "Add IPs to Discovery" to add the IPs to this discovery.
Another script and "Run Discovery Task Now API" to start the discovery.
Third script and "Delete IPs from Discovery API" to delete the IPs from the discovery again.

The big advantage is that everybody can run the scripts and discover new devices, especially helpful when several departments use NB but not everybody needs access.
Also, it gets rid of a lot of manual work. Put all together, it can also be used to run scheduled at night.


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