Discovery and Diagnostics participation of ICMP only enabled devices

  • 6 January 2022
  • 2 replies

Hi all , 

I am reaching to out to forum for assistance  on managing ICMP only enabled devices. I am working on architecture for laying out diagnostic approach for set of 60k devices. Out of 60 , i have 16K devices which are only ICMP enable by customer due to various security limitations and compliance. 

NO SNMP& SSH to these 16kK Device. 

During discovery will there 16K devices consume NB license as usual ? What all capabilities diagnostics approach will be present by ICMP only connection . 

Can these ICMP only devices contribute to effective diagnostic capability what Netbrain has to offer, 


Any suggestion /recommendation to manage this set of devices is welcome and appreciated by community.




2 replies

Hi Keetarp,


To monitor the devices, we need discover them into NetBrain which needs SNMP/CLI access. Only ICMP could not help retrieve any data.

We support to add Generic device if you do not have live access, it will also purchase the license.

Kindly refer the below link and let us know if it helps.

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@keetarp2  These 16k devices will not be discovered into Netbrain so it won’t consume licenses. If you would like to add them via General Device method, it will depend on the Device Type. For example, End System won’t cost license, Cisco IOS Switch will still cause 1 node.

You may customize the qapp to do more monitoring, such as ping these IPs to see if they are still avaliable, time, loss rate etc.


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