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  • 12 April 2023
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Does the live regularly in this example pull stats every 2 mins for 10 times and then get the final results. Or does it pull it the 5 times and dumps into 1 report? Or is the live reg option mainly for cli related tasks?  “

  • Live Regularly — log in to the device to retrieve live data regularly based on the customized frequency. You can check the Repeat checkbox and enter a number to set the execution times for this Qapp.

I am trying to run a utilization report on my routers and wanted to get a better understanding of the Live Regularly option. I am using SNMP to pull the stats. The issue I am running into is its creating a csv report per run. I tried using the “Live Regularly” option and the schedule Qapp option, but I am not seeing much of a difference in outputs. I also made the csv file “adv” feature to append. Is there a way to have 1 csv file per day?  If I ran this check 1 hr per day that’s 24 reports * 30 days = 720 reports and if I increased that 6 reports per hour. It gets a bit too much with all these reports to work with at the same time. 


In other words, I am trying to understand the differences between the scheduled QAPP where we can run the continuous checks compared to this live regularly option. 

2 replies


The Run option can only take effect when Qapp is running in Map.


Please see my test result below, each run of qapp generates one record. When it is set to live regularly in the figure above, only one csv report is generated after ten time runs, and the csv includes these 10 records.



But when the Qapp is running in the schedule qapp task, the time and repetitions of running the qapp are only affected by the time settings in the task.

Note: No matter how the run option and time settings are set, qapp will generate one report each time (that is, reports at different times cannot be merged together).






To summarize: 

# The run option is set to live regularly.

# When qapp runs on the map, it will summarize the results each time into one csv file.

# When qapp runs in the schedule task, the number of runs is determined by the time settings of the schedule task, and each run will generate one csv file, and the results cannot be aggregated together.

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Thank you for the response. It looks like I will end up having 100s of csv file exports that need to be downloaded and combined into one document. Thank you again, I appreciate the assistance. 


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