Data Handling Question

  • 24 September 2021
  • 1 reply

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I have added special CLI commands to my daily benchmarks. One example is "show running config vdc-all" on my Cisco Nexus'. This command will get all configurations of all Virtual Device Contexts of this device and save them to the CLI Commands tab of the Device Details.
My question now for this and other commands is: Is the data in CLI commands analyzed and processed and then provided as additional information in data views and qapps or is it just collected and available for viewing and/or searching?
Specific for this command: would all mgmt IPs of all VDC be added to the device as mgmt ports with IP address?

1 reply

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Hi Carsten,

The CLI commands data will be only collected and saved in database, just for viewing. It will not be parsed. But it can be invoked via qapp or other means.  For this command, the ports will not be added/parsed.


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