• 8 November 2023
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Hi All Are there any users in the community who have set up dashboards that have become invaluable to them?

Im at the early stages of dashboard creation and would love to hear from people who are using dashboards to make their lives easier - would love to chat and hear what has worked well

2 replies

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Hi @NigelW 

I have played around a little with dashboards three years ago but I found them not to my liking, I cannot remember why.

I would be very interested in your findings if the dashboards give you the ability to publish information for many to profit from.

Yes they are good and some of my colleagues have been working on them - there seem to be two fundamental ways to put them together :

  1. Using the predefined widgets - something i’ve tried and its a little hits and miss to get exactly what you want or need.
  2. Using you own or other’s network intents to ‘drive’ the charts on the dashboard. this seems to be a better way as you get exactly what you need - but of course you do need to create the intent firstly.

the second way so far has been most beneficial for us but it’s a little slow building the dashboard at first. 

i was hoping to hear from other what they’re been monitoring and seeing if its easy for us to adopt what other have tried and found useful


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