cannot discovery device getting error: Failed:SNMP++ Get Error; SNMP++:SNMP request time out

  • 8 April 2022
  • 1 reply

Looking for some resolution on the above error. 

While discovering the device using seed discovery i am getting the below error:

Failed:SNMP++ Get Error; SNMP++:SNMP request time out

The SNMP configuration on the network device is correct and using SNMP and SSH method for discovering the devices.


Any help to t-shoot this issue.



1 reply

Hi Prince,

Please follow the Next Steps to help troubleshoot:

1.Please double check if the SNMP string/password/setting entered in the Network Setting is correct.

2..Login to the Front Server and test the SNMP access to the device with the same credential Netbrain uses.

  If it is a Windows Server, you can try the SNMPwalk tool in this link.

  If it is a Linux Server, you can try the snmpwalk command. 

3.If step 1and2 checks fine, you can try to increase the SNMP timeout value in Domain Management > Operations > Domain Settings > Advanced Settings and try again

​​​​​​​4.If all the above are verified and SNMP still failed for the device, please submit a ticket to Netbrain Support.




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