SNMP output for Routing Path Calculations

  • 18 February 2022
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Has anyone tackled this beast? I am trying to setup routing via Velocloud Edge devices. I am not able to use API or CLI due to the account’s setup.  I am getting output but before I dug too deep into working on this, I didn’t know if there was something available.




Has anyone here tried to create route maps via snmp? 

3 replies

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Hi @ec485n,


Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay.

I did not undertand your quesiton well. Would you like to create route via snmp to the Velocloud Edge devices or get the route table via snmp from the Velocloud Edge devices? 


If it’s the former, i don’t think we can help with it. However, if it’s the latter, we do have the built-in method to get the routing table via snmp MIB2, It may work for your case. see snapshot below:




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Thank you for the information. I have been trying to get this to work with Velocloud. When I look at the device details / tables I do not see routes. Is there a location to verify everything is working properly? Thanks again for the help.

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@ec485n  By default, the option is not enabled.

Could you try the followings:

1.Go to the System Management page, Advanced Settings>Debug Settings, see below.

2.Select Operations>Tenant Management>you tenant name, select Operations again >Multi-Vendor Support. 


3.Find the Driver and click Table>Route Table, check the checkbox Build route entry by SNMP.


4.Retrieve the route table to see if it works


Pleaes let me know if it works.




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