Question of Importing Static Configs

  • 17 February 2022
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Is there an option with adding a device with a pre-built configuration without having to be online for discovery? It will be used for path maps usage, but the customer didn’t want netbrain to have access to a few boxes on the network. We are talking about a few sites compared to the several thousand assets we have been able to discover. We didn’t want to have the situation where a gap in path calculations can occur.

I am also thinking this could be useful for test environments to see how traffic will transverse the network. 



3 replies

Hi ec485n,

We have two methods to add the devices into NetBrain without accessing them. 
One is to add the Generic device:
       You can add the l3 and l2 interfaces on the devices, and use fix-up route to make the added device participate in path calculation.

Another way is to execute the Import Config Plugin. This plugin is used to add devices and device interfaces to your NetBrain system by importing device configuration files.
In a network shared directory (an FTP server in this case), prepare a CSV/Excel file to define the correspondence between config files that you want to import and their device drivers in your NetBrain system.

Hope the two methods helps.

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Thank you for the information. I was able to import a few devices via the first method but still need to work on the 2nd option. As I am gaining access to other parts of the network, I am assuming I will be eventually able to discover the devices. If so, would it auto-update the missing information in the discover process or would I need to delete the record and discover the device?   Thanks again for your help.

Hi  ec485n,

It will be auto-updated once the devices is discovered via SNMP/CLI, no need to delete them.


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