Identifying Virtual wire interfaces

  • 15 March 2023
  • 3 replies

We use Palo Alto firewalls and a few are configured with Virtual Wire interfaces ( However Netbrain doesn’t identify virtual wire interfaces and won’t add the firewalls to a map. Is there anyway to add a virtual wire interface either through the discovery or added manually? Thanks.

3 replies

Hi Will,


We already support the Virtual Wire interfaces on Palo Alto firewalls, and they will be parsed during the discovery. We suspect the firewall is not fully discovered as you mentioned that “won’t add the firewalls to a map”.  We need the discovery log to analyze, please create a ticket in NetBrain portal or send email to, we will guide you how to collect the log and resolve this issue.


Thank you Nicole. I will open a case. 

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Hi @WillMcManus 

I can confirm that NB supports the virtual wires. I agree with Nicole that there might be an issue with the object.




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