How to create sitemap using deviceid

  • 22 March 2022
  • 1 reply

How to create sitemap using deviceid, mapSettingHelper.build_site_map_setting("device_id", false) as there may be possibilities of duplicate hostname.

If I refer “Defining Event Templates to Process Events in NetBrain” in help it is giving

# create map
map_setting = mapSettingHelper.build_site_map_setting("device_name", False)  #replace with a real device or device parameter in raw data

In this case what are the device parameters we can use other than hostname

1 reply

Hi Savvy,

The setting only takes hostname, and it must be identical to the hostname that NetBrain discovers.

In NetBrain, you can’t find multiple device objects with the same hostname.

With that explained, you have the following 2 options according to your preference.

  1. Make sure the JSON input sends the expected hostname into NetBrain and you directly grab it and set it to the function argument.
  2. According to your naming convention, transform the hostname to the NetBrain expected hostname in the script before setting it to the function argument.



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