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Hi All,


Is there a way to get the complete hostname displayed for a device on a map.. currently when the hostname is longer it trims off some part of the hostname. seems to happen for both compact and expanded mode.


also if we could add the model and ios also on the expanded mode instead of the generic “device type”


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Hi @Anup 

I had a similar request some years ago because I find the device type to be quite useless information. I was told then, I can create a qapp that changes the data view but you would have to execute it every time you want to see this information on the map.

As for the trimming, I do not think there is a solution except maybe to use a notes field.



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example of a data view template using model instead of device type


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@Carsten.Schmidt , agree. I remember you posted this question some time ago. At this moment the DVT (both Runbook based and Intent Based) is one solution to show the custom hostnames. 





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