Discovering All Devices for M&A Purposes

  • 14 October 2021
  • 3 replies

We allow license surging in Release 10.x.  For a company whose growth strategy is growth through acquisition, our ability to scan the network of the “to be acquired company” is immense.  However, it is my understanding we can only scan access points and API based devices.  So legacy network devices, (i.e., routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls) cannot be scanned.  


If my understanding is wrong, please correct me.  I feel that if this is correct, it is a tremendous shortcoming in the value proposition we can offer companies like Nestle and Centene.  I’d like to be able to punch a hole into the “to be acquired company’s” firewall, install a front server and discover their entire network, not a subset of it.  


Can this be something we address in the near term?

3 replies

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I would also be interested in the mechanisms of discovery/benchmarking and licensing.

  • What functionality is lost when licenses are exceeded?
  • Will discovered devices with exceeded licenses be shown at all or
  • Will all devices be shown despite lack of licenses but there is no functionality on those devices?
  • Will the Fine Tune - Devices Exceeding License be an indicator for the amount of licenses I need to order?


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@lsquellati  Scan should work for the legacy devices. If you met any issues, you may check with QA team or support to check it out.

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@Carsten.Schmidt  The entries in the  Devices Exceeding License tables are only records. These devices are not added to the domain. So there are no data or functions for them. In general, yes, it indicates the domain is out of license, you may need to assign more license to this domain (if there are left in the system license pool) or order more licenses. Hope it helps.


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