Adding large number of devices to a single map

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi all,

I have a list of 50+ devices (hostnames) in a file which I would like to add to a single map. They are spread among many existing groups. Is there a way how to have them added to a map all at once? Like “Add to a map every hostname from this csv file” kind of at once.
Or do I have to add them one by one from search menu?
Related question, once I am finished with discovery process in domain management, is there a way to immediately put all discovered devices into a single map?

Thank you for your time

Jan Dudic


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Hi @Jan Dudic
there is no way to simply add devices to maps, at least to my knowledge. What you can do is add the devices to a Device Group and from that group you can create a map.

You can manually create a Device Group and add the devices from your CSV file, using the Import function or you can add devices using a script that iterates through your CSV and calls the API “Add Devices to Group”


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