What process should we follow to resolve the discovery issues of "Unknown SNMP SysObjectID" in Fine Tune page?

  • 14 October 2021
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I have a bunch of devices in the "Unknown SNMP SysObjectID" section of Fine Tune page. Looking for ways to reduce the count of devices in this section. Looking forward to get some support on this. Thanks !


Best answer by pradeep.gaddameedi 14 October 2021, 12:54

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1 reply

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Click on finetune then on the left pane go to :  Live Access > All Discovered Devices > Unknown SNMP SysObjectID.


Copy the SysObjectID that you seen on the device, and search for device info in any public search engine.


You can also try to login into the device using its management IP and then check device inventory details to get device model.


Now go back to "Unknown SNMP SysObjectID" on the "FineTune" page. In the right pane it will show all the list of devices.


Now hover the mouse and click on drop down arrow and click on "Add to Vendor Model Table" and then enter the necessary details such as Vendor, Model, Driver etc then click on ok. Now try to discover again.


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