Tenant Vs Domain selection

  • 14 September 2021
  • 2 replies

I have started using NB recently and working on drafting a solution to multiple customers. Here I am getting confused between use case for tenant / domains. 

To ensure complete isolation of data of different clients, which should i prefer. 

It seems both are logical separation , utilising same backend components. Looking at it from Administration perspective which solution offers better benefit. 


Moreover what are advantages of using Tenant over domain.

2 replies

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Hi @keetarp2 

NetBrain system adopts a multi-tenant and multi-domain framework, which is specifically suitable for internet service providers or consulting companies who offer network management services to multiple customers. Generally, one tenant is dedicated for one organization.


Domains in the same Tenant are shared with the same tenant configurations. So for better isolation, tenant is the best option.

Hope it helps.

As NetBrain uses multi-tenant and multi-domain framework which is useful in managing multiple customers. 1 tenant is dedicated to 1 organization.

Tenant is preferred for isolation of data for different clients.

Domain is a subset of tenant.

You can separate different clients using tenant, while Domain contains a collection of network devices, users, and group objects an independent workspace with common rules and share policies, including accesses and privileges.




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