Request - One-IP Table Duplicate IP Addresses Logic

  • 19 February 2024
  • 1 reply

In order to filter out One-IP Tables for duplicate IP addresses, there is the Domain Option to filter DHCP entries. The issue is that the logic removes all non-unique entries. Rather than only removing duplicate IP entries, it removes duplicate MAC entries.

While I should only ever have a single MAC for a given IP, I can have the same MAC do multiple IP addresses. The DHCP remove option should only mess with same IP for multiple MAC addresses, but not multiple IP addresses for the same MAC.

1 reply

Hi @mrigoulot,


In the domain advanced settings, there is an option called "Build L2 Topology" - (Filter DHCP Entries).

This option will help to remove the single MAC entry that has multiple IP addresses in one IP table.


The logic is only applied for unknown end systems that are not discovered in the NetBrain Domain.

This logic is typically designed for wireless users in order to maintain L2 topology accuracy when wireless users are roaming in the corporate IP network.

The logic is applied based on VLAN Group.


If you find abnormal deletions in one IP table in a specific use case, please reach out to We will collect one IP table data for analysis.


Best Regards,

Michael Ye


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