How can I ignore a network device's change password prompt?


My ssh from the Front Server to a network switch fails because the switch responds with a message: Your password has exceeded the maximum lifetime. Please change the password for better protection of your network. Do you want to change it now (Y/N) [N]  ?

As the task cannot answer this question, it just times-out the connection.

Using the CLI, I can type N and get CLI access.

But how can that be done in a discover task? I do not want to change the password.

Kind regards,

Declan Watts, BT 


Best answer by Carsten.Schmidt 10 May 2022, 07:16

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Hi @declanw 

on the devices you can add “no password aging” or “password aging 0” or anything that fits your devices.

In NB, you can change the CLI behaviour under Shared Device Settings, Prompt Settings or Advanced Device Settings. Unfortunately, I am not advanced enough to do this. NB Support should be able to help.

@Gerry.zhang @nicole can you help?


Thanks Carsten,

As it is only a couple of devices, it is probably best for me to tell them to sort out their password-aging on the devices. They were made aware that a NetBrain account would be used for ssh access, and that it should not age the p/w or ask for the p/w to be changed on first use. 

Kind regards




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Thanks Guys.

@declanw  Please let us know if you need any help with the customized login.  We are glad to help.


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