Visual Parser$bool Variable

  • 18 August 2023
  • 2 replies

Can anyone share an example of processing a $bool variable in the Visual Parser.  Basically, what I would like to do is verify whether a certain command is present or not and put a true or false in an output table.

For example, verify that the Nexus pim feature is enabled. Command in config is;

feature pim

2 replies

At first I was looking at the $bool variable. But then I looked at the other options and this worked to check that the Nexus “feature nv overlay” was present. It checks to see if either “feature nv overlay” or feature dummy” is present. If present, nv overlay appears in a column of the output data table.

^feature $nvOverlay(nv overlay|dummy)

Hi @TimLang, We do not have bool variable type in visual parser. Hence if you are using a standalone parser we may not be able to achieve it, as standalone parser is not useful if you are using this parser for some Network Intent or Qapp, we can create compound variable there and achieve the requirement.

Please confirm where (Network Intent or Qapp) you want to use this parser and we will help you to achieve it.





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