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  • 30 September 2021
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Hi Team,


Is there any way, we can ‘Remove devices from Domain’ automatically instead of doing manually like shown below.


3 replies

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Hi Rakesh,


If you want to Delete multiple devices from Domain by using a script. Then you can do it with the help of Qapp. 

Firstly, you need to create a Qapp and in the Canvas itself you need to add “Script”.

In that “Script” you can use our in-build function known as DeleteDevices. To import that function in your script and using it, you need to do as below:-


from netbrain.sysapi.datamodel import DeleteDevices


Noted: The input given to this function should be in the list format. e.g [device1, device2, device3]

Once, the devices are deleted from Domain. They can only be re-added by performing the Discovery Task again.

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You can use the Delete Devices API to delete devices directly from a domain.

For me, this would a bit dangerous though, I prefer to implement a step for a manual check in between.
Create a list of dismantled/removed devices (hostnames) from your asset management or CMDB.
Create a dedicated Device Group and use the Add Devices To Group API to fill the group.
Check the contents of the group before right-clicking to Remove from Domain. Or map the devices and do some reachability tests before removing.

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Thanks Deepak and Carsten for your insights.


Carsten, I agree that it would be a best practice to ‘manually intervene’ before we do bulk removal of devices from domain.


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