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  • 3 October 2022
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Hello everyone,


My network has a couple of sites, which were having download/upload speed issues. We checked everything on our ISP, it wasnt them. After running the Highlight MTU Interface QAPP we realized some MTU mismatches which fixed the issues after matching them.

But one site is still having the issue, I am checking the sites’ configs but is are there any automation library that checks rate limiting, or give me a good overall health for the site.  So far I have tried the Overall Health View, nothing stands out, MTU matches. I’d like to have a real in-depth look to the entire network on the site.

Thank you.



2 replies

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Thought there aren't any automation asset from the built in library , it can be easily built that can check packet drops and congestion that is happening due to the rate limit. (as long as there is a command that can show the rate limit related information).


The best way to have a depth look into the entire network at site is to build the automation assets (either a Runbook or a Network Intent Cluster) that contains various NetBrain automation objects (such as DVTs, Network Intents, Qapps with all troubleshooting command) that are built specifically suitable for your network environment.


Please raise a use-case , so we can help in developing an automation use case as per your requirement.



Kranthi Kumar

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instead of using the Overall Health View, did you try the Overall Health Monitor? It alerts you to utilization on links, errors on links as well as CPU and memory utilization.

Or, if you have the command that you want to run to find the error, select Execute CLI Command on all devices and have that run once or repeatedly.




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