Multiple Dataviews per Qapp

  • 3 November 2021
  • 1 reply

Is there any way to apply more than one dataview within a single Qapp?  I have created a Qapp that has two data tables, however even though you can create what looks like two dataviews, the definition of those only references Table 1 and I have not found a way to change the reference.

1 reply

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Hello Andy,

It is possible to show two different tables under the device level variable section.

Steps to follow:

  • If you have two Data Tables then add DVT to these both Data Tables. Below is sample example to show two Data Tables in Qapp DVT.


  • Now click on the first DataView node (DataView1) and select Data Unit to add the Table1 as Device Level Variable


  • Now click on the second DataView node (DataView2) and select Data Unit to add the Table2 as Device Level Variable
  • Now select the Device Level Variable position from the right side pane of the DVT definition section.
  • Upon the execution of the Qapp, it will show two different tables under the qualified device on the map. 




Hope this is going to be helpful. 


Note: Logically its one Data View template for Qapp because we can only view one DVT in a map at a time. So we can not create multiple DVT’s in a Qapp but we can add variables (Device Level variables, Interface Level Variables etc ) to the same DVT in a Qapp.




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