How do I validate configurations in our environment to ensure consistency.

  • 1 April 2023
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Can anyone advise if there is a way to validate a base configuration to other like devices to ensure compliance and our standards are being followed.

For example, I have a device or model that I would like to ensure all other devices are identical such as

  • Logging
  • ACL’s
  • NTP

My approach, which doesn’t seem to be working was Create a Parser to capture Configuration for text fields that I would like to ensure are consistent. Create a NI for prior fields that need to match. Created a specific test group for selected devices.

However, when I run the NI, it only compares the fields that I selected to the previous baseline for the device, not the device I want it to model.

Any advise or direction appreciated. Thanks.


Best answer by Carsten.Schmidt 5 April 2023, 06:40

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6 replies

Maybe this will help?

As advised I’d like to compare other like devices in our organization to a Golden/Base Configuration, but when I setup NI, it is only comparing it’s configuration to a previous baseline. I want to compare a device against this Golden/Base Configuration to ensure that all devices in our environment are consistent.


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Hi @craineri 

have you tried this approach yet?


Thank you for the response, I’m going to try this approach and will let you know if it works :) 

Getting errors and doesn’t appear to be working. Will keep researching.

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take a look at the bottom of the article, it refers to a Python code change due to the switch from v2 to v3.

This resolved my issues and exactly what I was looking for, Thank you.


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