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  • 29 April 2022
  • 1 reply

Is there an option to create a report of all the devices with a configuration drift. Also know as a differential (diff) between device configurations and a golden config? Ideally I do not select each device and compare configurations.

1 reply

Hi Joseph,


We do have the golden baseline function, it is for device healthy check. It will only detect the device changes, but it cannot push the golden baseline config to the device automatically.


We also have a feature called Change Analysis Report. it enables data comparison between the latest network data*) and previous network data*) retrieved by NetBrain scheduled tasks. The analysis results will be presented in the CA Report. In the CA report, users can customize their desired time range, device scope, and data type, and they can quickly view the change history and difference details of every change record.

You can find it under the hamburger button in the desktop page, below is the detail information:


Kindly let us know if it helps.


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