Diff of vlans on multiple devices

  • 25 June 2024
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I do have 4 cisco leave switches in a DC and I would like to check if all of them have the same vlans and vlan description on it.

The possibel diff between the 4 shall be shown to the user.

An Q-APP or an Intent would be great.


It shall be the same functionality as a runbook (Diff) provides but for n switches and in an automation.

A golden template would not work here as we do have multiple DC`s with different vlan´s, so we just need a comparism possibility here.



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Hi eschulz,

Firstly, add the device and add CLI diagnosis. Enter the command and retrieve the command output to parse the VLAN ID and VLAN Name.

Click on the “Duplicate Section” and add the rest 3 devices that needs to be checked.

Once you add the four device – click on “Manager” as shown and add “Merged Table” to combine VLAN tables from BJ_L2_Core_3 and BJ_L2_Core_4



Merge1 – Merge table between BJ_L2_Core_3 and BJ_L2_Core_4

Merge2 – Merge table between Merge1 and BJ_L2_Core_5

Merge3 – Merge table between Merge2 and BJ_L2_Core_6 In Merge3 – click on Settings to see all the VLANs with mismatch

Final Output is something as below - 


Here VLAN12 is configured on BJ_L2_Core_3 but not on BJ_L2_Core_4, BJ_L2_Core_5, BJ_L2_Core_6

And VLAN20 is configured on BJ_L2_Core_3 and BJ_L2_Core_4 but no on BJ_L2_Core_5, BJ_L2_Core_6


Once we have final table, we can create simple diagnosis to export the table in CSV format. This solution can achieved using QAPP too. Please let me know if this helps and raise a support case if you need any other information.

Thanks that is what I needed


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