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  • 21 March 2023
  • 3 replies

I created a device property for Last date of Support for old hardware for all devices in netbrain

thru Tenent, GDR Data.  I can see the device propery at the end of the device properties

and I can popout and edit the last date of support for 1 device and save with no issue.

How do I update more than 1 device at a time.




3 replies

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If I am understanding this correctly. Where are you getting the last day of support? Is it a static timeframe that you manually add?  If so, QAPP and then update device property.  Make sure the field you want to update matches what you put in the GDR DB. 


You can do this two ways that I can think of right now. 

1- import csv file with the fields filled out:   Like   device name, model, date -   then create QAPP with inputting as a table under device properties.

2- another way you can pull out the equipment using the model field. If its a series of hardware like switches make sure you have the different kinds to make sure you have the ones you want to change. From there setup a static variable with the date. Then in the output section click on update device properties and match up the field. 


You would need to run the Qapp against a map or via an inventory file. 


Hope the best.

Yes, Manually enter info now for 1 device, Last Day of Support - this is hardware last day of support from vendor, say cisco 2960X - May 2027  -  I was hoping to create device groups per device hardware then add the last day of support for all devices in that group in 1 job.  



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I am not sure if you figured it out Tony. In the Qapp in one of your tables. click on create column, there is a dynmaic and static option. You can add the static there if you want. It won’t update the device properties, but you can in the output icon for qapp.  Under the device you associate properties field you want to update with the one you statically assigned. 

Hope it helps.



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