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  • 4 November 2022
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Hello! Is there a way to run configuration change CLI commands (for example “conf t” → “banner login ‘some banner’” → “exit” → “copy running-config startup-config”)? I saw that you can run show type CLI commands through benchmarks, but the config change ones don’t seem to work. Thank you


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Hi Laurd,

You will be able to execute only show commands, get command (ideally the commands that will show some info) from NetBrain’s general automation nodes (Such as runbooks, DVT, Qapps etc) It is restricted to perform network change network change related commands from NetBrain’s from these automation objects.

How ever, we also have a module called Network Change Management Module (CMM). If you have licence for CMM , end user will be able to perform network changes using NetBrain.

Below are sample steps to implement Network change by using this module.

1 search for Network Change in main menu 

2 After you define name for the network change, we should go below steps,

3 In Define change pane add the required devices and configuration 

4 after change execution we can compare configuration 


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